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  What people are saying about SOLADEY

"...they are without question the best toothbrushes that I have ever used - (even the electric ones don't come close) - and yes, you can quote that if you like!''

S. Lake


I heard about your product and have been using your tooth brush for two plus years. It is amazing and an excellent product. My dentist has been very pleased with my results from using this tooth brush… I had to have gum lengthening surgery four years ago. As a result of mercury toxicity I had very sensitive and bleeding gums. Ever since I started using this brush my gums have stopped bleeding and have become so much more healthy. Oh, Oh, I should be on a commercial for your company. Thank You!

Durham, N.C. / USA


We met on Saturday just gone at the Vegan Fayre in
Bristol. I bought three Soladey toothbrushes from you.

I used mine first on Saturday night.  I realised then
that it was working already.  My teeth feel really
clean.  It's quite astonishing. 

I'm writing to let you know I'm really impressed.  If
you ever need a testimony I'll give you one. 

Funnily enough I'd heard many years ago-  from a young wealthy American girl who had the best dental treatment and advice money could buy -  that brushing without toothpaste was more healthy. Following this I then tried to brush without paste, but sensitivity stopped me.  Strangely, the sensitive points don't feel sensitive with the Soladey. Where my gums recede (and have done for
years) I no longert feel the pain  – and all this without the buffer of toothpaste as is used with an ordinary brush. 

Maybe it's in my head, but as I'm not a proponent of
the mind over matter theory where good health is
concerned I don't think so somehow.  We're like
machines, the better the fuel and servicing we give
ourselves the better we function.  We all come in
different models with different power capacities and
handling functions too I suppose! 

Best wishes and thanks again for the special offer
prices you sold the brushes for on Saturday, I just
knew I had to come along to the Fayre for some good

Kind regards.

K D – Bristol (Vegan Fayre)



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